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In order for us to prepare a realistic quotation we do need to have an idea of your project budget. Although discussing budgets can sometimes seem a touchy subject with clients due to a fear of specifying a sum and then being overcharged or thinking you could have got a better deal by keeping quite it's not the case here. We are fair on the prices we quote for the work required and costs involved.

In our experience, discussion of approximate budgets is essential for a successful project and to set the correct level of expectation. As with all different products and services, some come with varying levels of functionality in comparison to other similar or free products, some have maintenance costs and bolt-on's required to unlock certain features as well as after-sales service all of which will affect the price. It's no different when it comes to building websites and further developing them and it is therefore important we know what level of budget you have so that we can advise and work with you accordingly.

We are extremely flexible with our clients and if there are budgeting problems we can work with you to find and suggest alternative solutions and deliver a project that still meets your requirements, with that in mind initially you may need to sacrifice certain non-essential functionality but we can discuss phasing those elements into the website / project at a later date when you are ready.

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